לרוץ למרחקים

עם בגדי ספורט צנועים



I aim for that sports fashion be Live will allow you to be more connected to yourself,
to your soul and to who you really are.
That you’d make the best of yourself.

And a lot more

I want you to pursue your values until the end. Sports can strengthen you not only physically, but mentally. Have fun running and getting on your way. The comfortable clothes will help you with that.

It’s designed for you

I look at myself. I’m not compromising on their quality. While I run, surf, exercise, or do the laundry. I look and I examine at what the outfit looks like and feel at every step. What’s missing and what can be improved.

Maximum comfort

Now you can practice whatever sports you want without thinking about what to wear! Running, jumping, speed walking– the outfit is comfortable and good-looking, you can go all the way to the edge and feel good and safe

You just have to work out

I took care of the rest


You just have to work out

I took care of the rest


“I want to thank you personally for the gorgeous, connected skirts. They make a huge difference and buy me confidence. There is really an improvement in performance and there is no fear that the skirt will go up and would have to be held. I want to tell you this is a brilliant thing. Just brilliant. I’m really grateful to you and you have an amazing mission. Well done . Thank you”

Perry Moshe

“finally used the skirt in the Jerusalem marathon. She’s even prettier in real life. Lovely charming!! Thank you, Ronnie.”

Miri Babi

“I’m after running and the clothes are really comfortable and adapted. I wanted to stay with these clothes all day. Thank you!”

Pnina Harel

“Personal stylist
Three years ago I made a decision to make a sport and as much as I could!
Why? Because it’s healthy, because it’s fun, because it makes me feel good, because starting the day running in the sea gives me crazy energies for the day!! And if you’re already doing a sport, let it be in style
Thank you to BE: LIVE sport that has upgraded
My wardrobe.
With modest sportswear, complimentary and flattering!”

Dafna Buskila

“What daimmm cloth is attached to a skirt!! I want to buy my twins, too”

Yael Yonatan

“Beyond the sport that is important to do, running is my time with my thoughts…. The last Tel Aviv marathon I wore mixed tights with a skirt in your design:) Happy every time for buying it, very comfortable! And even in the race I found myself recommending you for the women I saw who wanted with pants and a cumbersome skirt over 😍 thank you!!!”

Neta Feldman

“I wanted to tell you that I’m all impressed and happy with the two pair of pants. What quality wow
Above and beyond what I expected… It’s a rare and big idea. So comfortable
And in style. It looks just perfect and I have no words to thank you after many searches I have already stopped believing that there is something like this…
You are a true prodigy and I wish for your success from ALL my heart!
Well done dear soul. Thank you so much!”

Adi Ovadia