VERSATILITY – A modest sweat absorbent sport skirt

A sweat-absorbent sport skirt made of thick fabric. The skirt has thick, double rubber at the waist (which helps to insert the stomach).
Is the skirt long? You can shorten it by 6cm simply by folding one rubber line. The result is a completely new look compared to the previous one. You can wear the sample in both directions: front-facing and back-to-front.

When you’re connected to yourself and to the environment, you don’t need much. You make do with little, and you love, appreciate and hold onto what you have. Also, when there isn’t a lot around, we start becoming more creative, and start looking at things differently. For instance, a certain garment can look completely different if it gets changed a little. Versatility is the name of the game here, especially with this skirt.


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  • Sweat level: בינוני
  • Suitable for activity type: לכל סוגי הספורט
  • laundry instructions: כביסה רגילה עד 40 מעלות, לתלות הפוך בצל.
  • Do not user in a dryer!


Modest running skirt

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blue, red


S-36, XXL-44


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