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Trousers Skirt – feeling thankful

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רמי דיגמי

I went through ten fabrics until I found the perfect one, until those words popped into my mind that I’d been waiting so long to hear: “Hallelujah, this is the cloth!” I wanted to find that mix between a comfortable summer cloth, when it is very hot, and a warm winter one.

How do you decide if a fabric is suitable or unsuitable? You can’t make a decision based on just sewing, getting dressed and going out for a run. You first need to put it through a wash, and only after it dries can you carefully examine and decide if it’s the one.

So I found myself repeatedly returning to the fabric store after I was disappointed with every piece of fabric I tried. One turned out to be very itchy. Another one failed to let the sweat evaporate. The quality checks I ran on myself and the laundry were a complete failure.

When I moved overseas to make clothes, I discovered other families of fabrics, and that’s how I found it. I was unsatisfied with the first two I found, but the third—bingo!

The skirt in the garment is only for cover. It is fine and delicate, and the way it rests on the tights very much compliments the body. This garment is left with someone who buys it for many years, you can etch on it, wash it and it will always look as new.

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